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Mass Hermit Volume
Roaches tour: Radical ArchitectureSUMMIT STARCoir a Ghrunnda 360

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Mass Hermit


Still Not Out Of The Woods



Bivacco | Star



The Stone BridgeGecko roof6 StarRainbow Rock KnivesBIVACCORadical Architecture

This website provides some (haphazard) information on selected projects from 1996 to today.

For those not familiar with my work a quick introduction through these artworks and projects:

Mass Hermit Volume
6 Star

Rochers à Fontainebleau
Touchstone (Echo Valley / A Guiding Dilemma)
Gecko roof
The Stone Bridge
Elastic Frontiers

Shipsides and Beggs Projects (co-authoring partnership)
The Alphabet Climb
Still Not Out Of The Woods

My practice engages the imperatives of a critical landscape which seeks to reconnect concepts of landscape to the aesthetic world of here and now and eclipses the tropes of the wild, natural or rural image. In adopting ‘landscape’ as the lived experience of the spaces around us as much as the constructs of cultural contexts this practice seeks to hold the contradiction of the direct phenomenological pursuit alongside the culturally coded, filtered and shaped experience. I seek moments of schism in the given constructs of place; cracks, gaps and fissures in its surface where a new route may be worked or new perspective might be gained. With this premise I feel compelled to juxtapose, collage and collide experiences, encounters, images, objects and ideas – and follow the creative fallout from such collisions to anywhere it might take me.

In pursuing a creative and critical relationship to place, spaces, encounters and events the processes of my practice reflect and embody adventures and misadventures in ‘real life’ which often includes climbing and mountaineering alongside the day-to-day activities of life. It develops through experiential engagement and seeks to create open and often weird narratives based on that experience. In a lateral sense it draws from, responds to or reflects the experiences and acts of seeing, being and doing within contingent social, political, environmental or historical contexts. In doing so, it might articulate a generative socio-phenomenological engagement with place and events. 

Since 2004 several projects have been co-authored with Neal Beggs (Shipsides and Beggs Projects) another artist-climber based in northern France with whom I share a love of art, mountains, music and madness.

Biog. Dan Shipsides (born 1972 Lancashire, England), Former co-director at Catalyst Arts, Belfast and is now an artist based in Orchid Studios and also a lecturer at the Belfast School of Art.

Dan Shipsides was awarded the ACNI Major Artist Award in 2004, in 2000 won the Nissan Art Award IMMA (Bamboo Support) Dublin and 1998 won the Perspective award, OBG, Belfast (The Stone Bridge).He has exhibited nationally and internationally including; ACCA, Melbourne (Desire Lines), The MAC, Belfast (Still not out of the woods), Aliceday Gallery, Brussels (Vigil | Star), South London Gallery (Games & Theory), Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (Radical Architecture), Wings Project Art Space, Switzerland (Performance), Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol (Elastic Frontiers), Konsthall C,  Stockholm, Sweden (Under plattan, ängen!), Platform Guranti, Istanbul (Hit & Run), Confederation Gallery, PEI, Canada (Beauty Queens), HEDAH, Maastricht (Rochers à Fontainebleau), Riga Sculpture Quadrennial, Latvia (European Space), Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast (Beta), Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (Pioneers), Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (Sporting Life). Smart Project Space, Amsterdam (Endure), Melbourne International Biennial, Australia (Signs of Life).

Dan Shipsides is represented by: The Third Space Gallery:

EdelweissElastic Frontiers Woodshapesradical ArchitectureSaanen valley drawing animations Crag face self portrait

Gratefully acknowledging the continued support of:
The University of Ulster Art and Design Research Institute
The Arts Council of Northern Ireland (ACNI)
The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

Opinions within this website are my own and do not reflect those of funders, employers or anybody else.



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Shankill Library
Belfast 2014
2nd-4th May

Sonic Vigil 8

Cork 2014
2nd-4th May

Art of the

Ulster Museum
10 April - 7 Sep

The Faraway Nearby

FE Mc William
7th March - 17th May 2014


Bastogne Belgium

T5 field cinema



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