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Selected projects:

Shipsides and Beggs Projects:

Shipsides and Beggs Projects 2004 - present. Overview of several works.
- 2011 (HD video 21min)
- The Mac, Belfast. 2012

My current favourite projects (not in any order...):

Mass Hermit Volume 2013 (HD video animation)
Evilsport 2012 (interactive magazine collection and reading table)

Via Ferrata (ACCA)2012 (Site specific rope drawing on ACCA, Melbourne)
YUPA STAR detail YUPA STAR 2012 (SBP Video installation)
Bivacco plaque Bivacco | Star 2011 (Sculptural intervention, video and objects)
Bivacco plaque Vigil Star 2011 (Sculptural intervention and objects)
6 Star 2010 (Sculptural intervention)
Mortar | Device video MORTAR | DEVICE 2011 (HD Video 2min)
Summit Stars 2013 (Ongoing landscape interventions)
Dolerite, Solarized Pigmatosis, 2008 (Single Channel, Subtitled, SD Video 12min).
The Cove 2012 Echo Echo Dance and Dan Shipsides collaboration inc. VNB (Touring dance installation)
Vertical. Nature. Base. 2011. Inc. The Cove (Collaborative climbing / art / dance project)
Radical Architecture 2007 (Construction, photographic / drawing, contextual - interactive)
Elastic Frontiers 2005/6 (Construction, video, photographic, drawing, educational intervention)
Touchstone 2008 (Echo Valley / A Guiding Dilemma: climbing with a blind person - video / text installation)
Gecko roof 2000 (Landscape specific construction - interactive)
Alphabet Climb 2004 (Shipsides and Beggs Projects - video)
Pioneers 2003 (Photographic / drawing, audio)
Rochers à Fontainebleau
2003/5 (Photographic, video, animation, construction, drawing)

Sculptural, construction, interactive:

Public Commission 2012 (linkable via an onsight QR code)
Sequenced problems on contemporary art (Frieze)
2007 (Interactive installation)
Dans un chaos
2005 (Construction - public interaction)
6 Moves on the Castle 2000 (Landscape specific construction - interactive)
Angel’s Wall
1999 (Landscape specific construction - interactive)
Blood Cell Sequence
2002 (Site specific construction - interactive)
Flat-pack Vertigo - Hochsitz 2006 (Site specific construction - interactive)
Flat-pack Vertigo - Galaxian Crack
2006 (Interactive wall sculpture)
Manta Ray
2004 (Site specific construction - interactive)
Low Level Movement
2006 (Site specific construction - interactive)
Temporary viewpoint - the topology of Israel 2005 (Construction, video - interactive)

Bamboo Support 2000 (Site specific intervention)

Photographic, graphic, video, intervention, installation etc.

Mortar | Device video MORTAR | DEVICE 2011 (HD Video 2min)
Capella Head Point (series). White ink on lambda photo prints.
Via Ferrataferatu 2010 (Video)
Generation Art School 2009 (public interaction)
The Hanging and other relating works
2008 (Collaborative with Neal Beggs and Thibaut Espiau)
Pan 360
2008/9 (Ongoing series of video landscapes)
2004 (Site specific public intervention & photographic)
Malmeter Scale 95 bus route, Bruxelles 2007 (Public text work)
Climb poems 2000 / ongoing (Text + video)
Cioch : Bone Scale 2011 (Text / video)
Montgros - 32 days 2005 (Drawn video animation)
Saanen valley drawings
2006 (Drawn video animation)
Untitled landscapes 1999 - (ongoing photographic series)
2004 (Photographic construction)
Fugla 2002 (Video)
09061337770 2001 (Drawing, photographic, sculpture)
Flyttblock & Klipphällar
2006 (Site specific public interaction, drawing, photographic)
Handrail route*
2000 (site specific installation)
2002 (Photographic slide installation)
Escape the system* 2001
(Site specific public photographic installation)
1998 (Site specific text and audio installation)

Video, installation, performance:

The Stone Bridge 1998 (Performance, video, installation)
Let's Get High. 2007 (Public community action)
The Hanging
and other relating works
2008 (Mixed media and collaborative work with Neal Beggs and Thibaut Espiau)
Abstraction for beginners
1999 (Video)
Rubli via ferrata / Vertical Dream
2006 (Site specific installation, video - interactive)
2002 (Site specific performance , video)
Green line Sisyphus
2005 (Video)
San Lorenzo direct
2004 (Video)
Penguin & the Guillemot
1999 (Site specific performance and video installation)
Apa i bur 2005 (Video - two screen / projection)
Swammerdam Groove
2002 (Video)
Skogskyrkogården 2006 (Video)
2006 (Video)
Self service / The Alphabet climb* 2004 (Video, with Neal Beggs
Frieze revolution / Made at HEDAH 2003 (Video)
Leaps into the abyss 1996 (video, performance)
Under a frogs arse @ the bottom of a coalmine 1997 (Site specific performance, installation, video)



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