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DAN SHIPSIDES (with Echo Echo Dance) - Vertical. Nature. Base.


Vertical. Nature. Base.

Arnolfini galleryArnolfini gallery

A collaborative project by Echo Echo's Steve Batts and artist Dan Shipsides. Based at a Donegal coastal climbing location and a city exhibition base, V.N.B. is a residential experimental climbing / art / dance project that investigates the contrasting and comparable notions of climbing as sport and climbing as creative engagement. Interested people could join the camp in September 2011 for various activities and camping. The blog is an insight into V.N.B.'s creative development.

Project blog: http://verticalnaturebase.blogspot.com/

A follow on project in 2012 developed this research into a stage production The Cove.

The Cove. Echo Echo and Dan Shipsides collaboration. Stage production.


Several elements exist to the V.N.B. project - some temporary and ephemeral and some as objects and permanent as process or forms.

Links to various elements

Landscape and "being there" (life at the cove)
The Platform (the structure in its locations)
Surface Response (the surface responding)
Dance elements (movement, people interaction)
Public Commission HVS 4c+ (new rock climbing route)
Exhibition (Echo Echo studio gallery space)


The COVE. Echo Echo and Dan Shipsides collaboration. Stage production.

DOCUMENTARY:a short documentary was made on V.N.B. which you can watch here:


Reviews features (inc. The Cove)

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Vertical. Nature. Base. is part of Echo Echo's Into Contact programme and is funded by Legacy Trust UK's Connections programme in Northern Ireland.

Legacy Trust UK is an independent charity set up to help build a cultural and sporting legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Connections is managed by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.