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DAN SHIPSIDES (with Echo Echo Dance) - Vertical. Nature. Base. Exhibition


Vertical. Nature. Base.

Was a hectic few weeks and days. One week after we decamped from the cove we set up and opened the project as an exhibition. The concept was to use the same structures and materials we had in the cove and relocate them to the gallery.

Blog notes:

The show opened - a good turn out, lots of buzz and the performances with Ester and Brigit (who spent a lot of brave time at the cove too) went very well - very unstaged. I'm very happy with the work and how it resolves as an exhibition. The video elements work well and the objects, performance, images and platform give a good account of the project but more importantly add something in and of themselves. I particularly like the rope piece - which I've titled, "The Rope God and its Protection".

Here's a quick post of a low resolution video which shows the walk through of the exhibition of V.N.B. at Echo Echo's studio in Bishop St. Derry. It gives you an idea

Link to walk thru video: