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The Fear

Gecko roof / Clocks

Angel's Wall



Cioch : Bone Scale

Fibular taper joins a ridged sternum cause-weighing from the body mass of Sron na Ciche.

Mass lengthways sloping upwards one femur over eighteen humerus - sideways tapered from a fibular to a tibia steeply up and shallowing to twelve clavicles wide and then broadening to flat frontal slope of eight femurs.

Fractured by grouped carpal cracks thinning to two then single phalanges and raised seams of at most ulnas to at least metacarpals running around and through. At deepest cracks radius deep.

Lobe slopes on seaward side increasingly from femur : carpal to carpal : femur to precarious tarsal then metatarsal then gone.

Steep proud, twelve spine deep, slice of eight femur then thirteen humerous on the sheltered clean edge leading to an exposed cantilevered scapula tip past which – a fall beyond Bone Scale.

BONE SCALE from Dan Shipsides on Vimeo.


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