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DAN SHIPSIDES - Skogskyrkogården




video stillInstallation view


DVD 11mins

One of two DVDs made as part of the Under plattan, ängen! (under the square, fields!) project at Konsthall C and Lava in Stockholm. Curated by Finbar Rosato Krook.

A video work which documents a climb made along a wall of Skogskyrkogården - a world heritage cemetery in Stockholm.

The sound of the subway train stopping at the nearby station locates the activity within an urban and transportation environment whilst the location of the cemetery wall gives the work a feeling of unearthliness.

The work was produced by attaching two video cameras to a special bracket fitted to a backpack and so filming left and right along the wall as the person climbs along the urban walls. It's sister piece also made for this project is Högalidsgatan.



DVD Versions
Both works are made as single screen (split) DVD (projection or monitor)
Twin screen DVDs (projectors or monitors)


Under plattan, ängen! Konsthall C / Lava Kulturhuset. Stockholm, Sweden.