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DAN SHIPSIDES - Saanen valley animations


Installation view

Saanen valley animations


Geltern Rottal 360
SD video animation

Oldenalp 360
SD video animation

Niesehorn 4km
Geltern Schuss static

DVD approx 6min
Lcd screen and shelf

Mountain-drawing animations made during a residency period in the Saanen valley in the Swiss Alps. These raw animation videos (shown on mini LCD screens) are produced using pen and ink drawings made at regular periods on certain mountain walks or in specific locations - the animated sequence of drawings then actually document the evolving landscape in relation to the artists’ physical position as he moves through and views it.

Usually a particular subject - such as a mountain is focused on within the drawings which when animated make very short but direct form of animation.

Sometimes they are made over a distance and sometimes take in a panorama from a fixed position (360) These works include drawings from the Neisehorn, Gelten Rottal and Oldenalp.



Flat pack vertigo Galerie Wandlebar. Solo exhibition. Gstaad, Switzerland. 2006
Performance. Wings Art Project Space, Geneva, Switzerland. 2 person show. 2006 (Gelten Rottal 360)