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Via Ferrataferatu
DVD 12min

A re-edit of Vertical Dream in order to closer re-explore the VIA FERRATA theme of more recent research (Shipsides and Beggs Project - 2009/10/11).

Referencing Jala Toufic's study of vampiric space (Vampires, 1993). Via Ferrataferatu explores physical, psychological space where levels of the experiential and liminal overlap suggesting a supernatural space of embodied perception - a space beyond what is seen.

Developed during WW1, Via Ferrata (Iron Way) is a system aiding movement to gain the strategic mountain summits of the Alps/Dolomites. It exists as installed metal rungs and wires up otherwise inaccessible mountainsides. These mountainous peaks were the scenes of some of the most extreme and horrific war activity. This Italian Front is often referred to as the forgotten front.

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Rubli via ferrata

DVD / installation 11mins

Via Ferratta (Iron Way) is a system to aid movement around the mountains. It was developed during WW1 by the Italian military and basically involves the installation of metal rungs up otherwise (aside from using rock climbing skills) inaccessible mountainsides.

This DVD features video of a via ferratta climb on Mt Rubli - where the artist attached a video camera to his backpack whilst climbing the route and records the view below. The video presents a disorientating landscape of the vertical.

A section of via-ferratta steps is installed in an electricity training room advancement to the Wandelbar Gallery to create an added dimension for those wishing to view the video.

The idea of having to access difficult spaces to see certain artworks dates back to prehistoric cave painting where specific images have been found in very narrow and steep passage ways and dangerously accessed ledges.


Vertical Dream

DVD 11mins

Taking the footage from Rubli via ferrata I re-edited to make a new ambient work called Vertical Dream. The mirrored footage presents a mesmeric experience - echoing the vertical worlds' disorientation and a suggests a transcendental experience.



Installation view at Performance.

Performance. Wings Art Project Space, Geneva, Switzerland. 2 person show. 2006 (Video)
Breathing Ground Coed Hills rural art project. Group show. Wales. 2006 (Video)
Flat pack vertigo
Galerie Wandlebar. Solo exhibition. Gstaad, Switzerland. 2006