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DAN SHIPSIDES - Montgros 32days


Montgros - 32 days
SD video animation

MONTGROS from Dan Shipsides on Vimeo.

A raw animation (shown on mini LCD screen) produced using pen drawings of Montgros made at regular periods during a residency in the Montserrat mountains, Catalunya.

The 58 drawings were made in a note book - generally one or two each day from the same position. Mont Gros is a particular peak in the mountain range and is so called because of its shape (fat figure). The mountains have very human like features.

The drawings have then been sequenced into video and looped to make very direct form of animation.

The continually transforming animation has a fluidity - inviting comparisons between human and geological time and their structural forms. It is also mesmeric - echoing the “sacred” nature of these particular mountains - a destination for hermits since the middle ages. The drawings testify to the differing light and weather conditions, the selective nature of drawing and the conflict between observation and habits formed through repetition.

six of 58 click for video Installation view

Shown at:

All over the place. Group show. UWE, Bristol. 2008
Performance. Wings Art Project Space, Geneva, Switzerland. 2 person show. 2006
Flat pack vertigo
Galerie Wandlebar. Solo exhibition. Gstaad, Switzerland. 2006
Masters MFA 25yrs on. Group show. OBG Belfast. 2006