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Public text work made for Bruxelles Bravo.

Malmeter Scale conincided with another art work Dear Prudence by Neal Beggs. Neal's work created another dialogue with the public in terms of personal choice, decision and risk. Malmeter "charts" other environmentally and mentally effecting factors which we have less control over.

Malmeter creates a vertical navigatation of the horizonal city (via a bus route) relative to elevation / depth and mood. So as you move out of the city along the number 95 bus route you move from morbid to eurporic and from the inner core to the exosphere. The vinyl texts were installed on each outbound bus stop where that they could be viewed by passengers waiting and alighting the bus and by passerbys.


The Malmeter Scale (variable relations)



Malmeter scale (Route 95 Bruxelles). BruxellesBravo art festival. 2007