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Low level movement

Low level Movement

Plywood, scaffolding, fittings and spray paint.
3.3 x 6 x .5m


Low level Movement, Lava Kulturhuset, Stockholm 2006.

Part of the Under plattan, ängen! (under the square, fields!) project at Konsthall C and Lava in Stockholm.

Low level Movement is an interactive installation allowing the audience to physically move in different ways in the space - literally to be able to climb the walls. The wall is made to facilitate interaction of both the public audience and anything the audience or public wish to add to it - graffiti, painting, movement, parkour (free running) actions.

A platform is also constructed in the space to encourage a physical social space and act as a platform for performances, lectures, seminars, workshops and concerts scheduled throughout the exhibition period. Over the duration of the project the wall will alter as people interact with it and add things.

Lava is a public space where interaction is encouraged - it specifically facilitates creative projects for young people and is very visible and accessible to the public.


Curated by Finbar Rosato Krook.

Under plattan, ängen! Konsthall C / Lava Kulturhuset. Stockholm, Sweden. 2006