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DAN SHIPSIDES - Flatpack vertigo - Hochsitz


Installation viewsHochsitz - click to enlarge


Approx 4 x 2 x 2m
Timber, hardware, cushion and climbing shoes.


Site specific sculptural construction in Galerie Wandelbar, Gstaad, Switzerland. It is built up into the pyramid skylight so that the viewer is able to climb up to a comfortable high seat (Hochsitz) to view the mountain landscape.


The project is constructed using the decorative timber building materials used for traditional Swiss chalets and the design incorporates these decorations to form the hand and foot holds required to climb up to the seat. A number of different routes have been made using different types of decoration to make easier and harder climbing possibilities up to the seat.

The installation contains and then filters the light from the skylight into the space and creates a warm ambient space. Climbing shoes are provided for those who wish to pursue some of the harder routes.


Flat pack vertigo Galerie Wandlebar. Solo exhibition. Gstaad, Switzerland. 2006