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Seeking Edelweiss


Seeking Edelweiss. . I developed a climbing route on the outside of the building which brought me into the choreographic centre by a different way - i.e. not through the conventional entrance. This climb was filmed from video camera from the street and presented as a lecture to an audience by video projection onto a screen in the dance studio - with this projection I collaborated with Tadasu Takamine to perform a sound track of bird whistling through microphones - mimicking the bird song made by the pet birds in the centre.


Edelweiss was a two week programme of research, workshops and live events. It brought together a number of people from a variety of creative disciplines and developed cross disciplinary workshops and developed a number of live public collaborations.
The question behind the laboratory was;
What do you transform and how do you do it?

The people involved;
Emmanuelle Huynh, Latifa Laabissi.
Visual artists;
Dan Shipsides, Tadasu Takamine, Nicolas Floc’h.
Architect; Elodie Nourrigat.
Anthropologist; Anna Zisman.
Production manager; Isabelle Ellul
Dance students from CCN.

The location;
Centre Choregraphic National de Montpellier.

It was organised by the Dance compangnie Mua and directed by Emmanulle Huhyn.

Within the programme I gave workshops which developed climbing practices with dancers and coregraphers - examining the breakdown of a climbing route, movements, sequencing, the role of creativity in climbing and training techniques.

No topless bathing - Belfast has suffered enough. Sala Naranja, Valencia, Spain. 2005
Edelweiss Centre Chorégraphic National de Montpellier, France. 2003