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DAN SHIPSIDES - Sequenced problems on contemporary art (Frieze)


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Sequenced problems on contemporary art (Frieze)

Performance / Intercative installation
South London Gallery


Gallery Guide info:

In this exhibition Shipsides has created a climbing wall using copies of Frieze art magazines as finger and toe holds, shown alongside are videos documenting a number of climbing performances.

Dan Shipsides's work focuses on the participatory, aesthetic and creative processes of rock climbing, as applied outdoors and within a gallery context. Climbing structures are displayed as useable sculptures and installations, while videos document the artist and others scaling rocks and building architecture using the activity as a mental, physical and poetic discipline. Other works involve taking a blind man climbing, teaching climbing and art techniques to children in Bristol and creating bamboo scaffolding in Dublin. Such approaches facilitate urban and rural adventures and displace the regulations of everyday life with a sense of risk and challenge, creatively re-imagining the spaces around us.


Images from the opening - audience participation

Performance / Intercative installation: South London Gallery 2008