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DAN SHIPSIDES - Pan 360 - Landscape


Pan 360 - Landscape 2008/9


This series of short landscape based video was made by attaching a modified camera to an 8meter leash and whirling it through the space above and around the artist’s body.

The series was made between 2007 and 2010 was created in habitually accessed places throughout Europe and the US but with most being made in and around the coasts and mountains of Ireland and Scotland as a by-product of climbing or mountaineering activities.

This simple activity of production dissolves conventional landscape scenes or views into sequences of dramatic visual activity where the landscape image is literally put into a spin. The raw video-scapes and audio combine both the performative aesthetic activity - of selecting location, spinning, speed, timing and stamina - with the beautiful concordant / discordant footage of the environment. The effect merges the figure and landscape by embedding the possibilities and limitations of technology within the physicality of situated actions – creating simple artworks which avoid the organizing principles of the static or single frame and viewpoint.

The Pan 360 series was first exhibited in the Ardous Intent show (TULCA

2008) and then as a full body of work they were exhibited in 2009 at the Pan 360 exhibition

This ongoing series currently consists of the following works:

Coir' a' Ghrunnda 360
2007 (1st exhibited 2008) SD video 1.50min

Burren full moon 360
2008 SD video 1.41min

Sasso Rosso 360
2009 SD video 1.51min


Cap de Sant Antonio 360
2006 (1st exhibited 2008) SD video 1.55min

Carraroe 360
2008 SD video 2.10min

Ballysallagh 360
2008 SD video 1.58min

Spitzhorn 360
2005 (1st exhibited 2009) SD video 1.50min

Aillade, Burren 360
2007 (1st exhibited 2009) SD video 1.45min


Kinder Scout 360
2007 (1st exhibited 2009) SD video 2.03min



Mt Laraci 360
2009 SD video 1.59min

Cioch 360
2007 (1st exhibited 2009) SD video 1.37min

Sentiero Carlo Guzzella 360
2009 SD video 1.42min

Slieve Meelaghmore 360
2008 SD video 1.27min

White Park Bay 360
2006 (1st exhibited 2008) SD video 1.10min

Cregagh Hill 360
2007 (1st exhibited 2008) SD video 1.56min

Gyllyngvase Beach 360

2007 (1st exhibited 2008) SD video 1.56min

Lenan Bay 360
2009 SD video 1.55min

Portpatrick 360
2008 SD video 1.55min

Slieve Binnian 360
2008 SD video 2.03min

Cave Hill 360
2008 SD video 1.56min

Bray Head 360
2009 SD video 1.52min

Featured in:

Figuring Landscapes Tate Modern + UK & Austraila tour 2009. Video programme and symposium. Curator Catherine Elwes.

Pan 360. Mermaid Art Centre Bray, Dublin, Ireland. Solo show. 2009

Ardous Intent. (The Hanging) Tulca 2008. Group show (collab. with Neal Beggs and Tibaut Espiau). Galway Arts Centre.