DAN SHIPSIDES - Ha Ha Syzygetic Summitt Stammers (Bernia Ridge)




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Summit Stammer (Syzygetic experiments)

Over the last few years I've realised my stammer, that I thought I had more or less buried years ago, is still here. Present and correct.
Due to the recent needs of delivering seminars online via the video screen it has frequently tripped into action.

The lack of online spontaneity triggers it I think. One way I manage it is by saying anything - word noises - hopefully
(or perhaps creatively richer when not) relevant to the subject, then reorientating the 'idea-shapes' in my mind, into the words that seem to fit or
work best - preambling my rambling... I'm not sure I think in words - or at least when I try, in order to 'pre-word' my delivery, then the stammer is
bound to disrupt it. Ubu at play. ha ha

There's something about trying to photograph these two flags that echoes this process of shapes, forms or letters partially and then concretely
fully forming into 'sense'. ha ha

Also, it nicely echoes Daumal's essay of laughing (with Bosse de Nage's interjection) the universe into being - with the differences of space and time, perception, device speed, sun light and wind flukes all coming together in a syzygetic moment.

ha ha


Summit Stammer I. ha ha.
(Bernia Ridge set C)
Flags and poles.


Summit Stammer II. ha ha.
(Bernia Ridge set B)
Flags and poles.


Summit Stammer III. ha ha.
(Bernia Ridge set A)
Flags and poles.




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