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Generation Art School

Generation Art School collected mine and other people's memories of the names of bands which had played at the now demolished Conor Hall. The Conor Hall was the Student Union bar and music venue - it was central feature of the music and art student scene in Belfast - and provided a key social meeting place for students and members of the wider public.

The Conor Hall was demolished in 2004 to make way for the University of Ulster's new corporate foyer and lecture theatre - which does not accommodate bands or act as a popular venue. The student union was eventually (after a lot of lobbying for a some provision in the new build) relocated to a poor location without a stage and now struggles to exist.

I set up my van outside the university to sell hand printed dayglo green Art School T-shirts. I played music from the bands who had played at the Conor Hall. I asked passer bys to contribute the names of bands that they had seen at the venue - I added these to my own list on a large white board.

The T-shirts were £2.50 if the buyer wore the T-shirt into the university. If they didn't want to do that then the T shirts cost £5. Financially they were a loss leader...







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