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DAN SHIPSIDES - Deep Blue to Pale Blue


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Deep Blue to Pale Blue.

BBC Radio 3. Slow Radio broadcast and podcast.
Dan Shipsides and Zoe Ramsey

Broadcast On: 01 Aug 2021
Produced by Peter McManus
Available on BBC Sounds: Deep Blue to Pale Blue.

"Tie on to the rope of artist and climber Dan Shipsides to go sea cliff climbing at Fairhead on the north Antrim coast of Northern Ireland. For Dan climbing and art feed into one another in unexpected and complimentary ways - both are creative acts - appreciative of aesthetics and beauty.

Also joining us on the climb will be Derry-born dancer Zoe Ramsey. She was introduced to the sport by Dan and was instantly hooked. While their climbing styles might be as different as the art they create both see parallels between what they do in the studio and what they do on the rockface. Moving, balancing and extending for Zoe, drawing a line through a vertical landscape for Dan.

With the jangle of the metal wedges they use to protect their ascent hanging from their climbing harnesses and the 'thwip' of the rope running out we join the pair as they inch their way up the cliff face with the Irish sea roaring far below in a journey from the deep blue of the water to the pale blue of the sky."

Producer: Peter McManus