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Dan Shipsides - Three Triangles


Three Triangles
HD video with animation
7, 21;14 min
Dan Shipsides

A video landscape featuring a concrete retrieval expedition to a summit outside Belfast. It is filmed straight and also through a kaleidoscope. Edited in three triangulated parts.

These approaches embrace landscape as the living experience of the world around us, here and now, as much as the cultured and framed perspective of landscape as a genre or concept within culture. Within this approach, perception, especially visual perception is a key component. However, here as in other methods I've insitgated, I’m keen to usurp the primacy and organising principles of sight in the apprehension and construction of landscape. With these video works I wish to augment or intervene in sight and to develop a form of ‘pata-perception. 'Pata-perception is an emerging concept in my work where one might perceive something, recognise nothing, conceive anything and cognise everything.