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Elastic Frontiers

DAN SHIPSIDES - Elastic Frontiers - Untitled Landscapes


Untitled landscapes (Alec / Jozef / Daniel / Georgia / Corey / Jo / Emily)

Lambda prints with acrylic mount
28x 34cm



Images from my collection of vintage magazines appear in the photographic series of Untitled landscapes. The magazines acted as a resource throughout the project and the group became quite attached to them - often having favourite images and making drawings from images.

The magazines were selected by each young person and they were asked to consider their pose, how they held the magazine and their expression for the photograph. Some fun responses came about through their inventiveness and response to the images.

The series of landscape photographs within photographs have some children hidden and others appearing to think about another place - perhaps the mountain in the picture.


Elastic Frontiers. Solo project. Arnolfini, Bristol 2005/6
Elastic Frontiers. Oldbury Court Primary School, Bristol. 2005/6