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Elastic Frontiers

DAN SHIPSIDES - Elastic Frontiers - climbing poems


Elastic Frontiers - climbing poems.

Each climber's climb was recorded by writing down eactly what they did on the climb - resulting in interesting poetic studies.








Alec's climb


First move diagonal left hand

Then left leg

Then right leg

Climb straight up right hand, left hand

Weight on right leg

Move left leg up - slipped

Reach up with right hand

Left leg higher - weight on right

Trying to find holds

Left foot up a little onto small hold

Reaching to left

Right hand on a pinch grip

Right leg bent


Tired hands

Move up two steps

Reach right

Move left

Reach hand right

Reach left hand left


Grab hold slip

Grab hold slip…….


Jo's climb


Right arm up twice swapping holds

Left hand chest height

Feet on good holds, right leg bent

Move up grabbing holds above

Straighten right leg

Stand up lean forwards

Reach higher holds

Lift right leg up foot onto hold

Hands share on good higher hold

Right hand up and left leg up at same time

Left hand up small hold

Not very tiring

Move left foot up a little bit

Right foot up below it

Arms got tired



Corey's climb


Right hand on nice balance hold

Same with left

Left foot onto small hold

Right foot higher

Left hand up

Left foot up

Right foot small hold

Left foot on curved hold

Right foot

Left hand

Right hand

Weight on right leg and right hand

Right hand up then left hand

Right foot against wall and skip up left foot

Left hand out to left

Left leg up

Right leg up

Pull up

Right hand, left leg up

Right leg up and left hand up

Move slightly to the right

Left leg up

Right hand reach long to below triangular overhand

Then lost control…….


Emily's climb


Move right leg up on tiny hold

Then right hand medium hold

Right leg sticky friction on wall

Reach higher with left hand

Then bring left foot up and stand up

Swap legs on hold

All weight on right leg

Left leg onto medium foothold

Right hand onto big hold

Right leg up and knee bent

Right hand up higher

Left leg up and take all the weight

Left hand above search

Right foot miss grip

Slip off…….


Daniel's climb


Right hand high hold

Right leg onto ledge

Pull left hand at chest height

Bring left foot onto ledge

Right hand up onto spike

Pull through and reach high on left

Weight on left foot and left hand


Left foot up

Right hand into pocket

Right foot step up

Left foot on small spike

Right hand on a lug weight on left hand

Right leg bent

Left hand high - step through

Transfer weight to right

Reach up right hand to hold

Left hand in pocket

Feet up

Right hand on top handle



Georgia's climb


Search for easy path

Right hand above to hold

Left hand up

Bring both feet onto hold

Move to right

Left leg up onto top of spike

Right hand up across to pocket

Right feet up

Reach hands higher to good hold

Search right foot



Try footholds for grip

Hands higher - look for move

Use toes to get a grip

Arms tire

Try right hand higher

Skip feet - swap to left foot on hold

Right foot up - left foot

Leftwards easier for hand holds but no feet

Arms tire